My Fall/Winter inspiration (+ my current favorite outfits)


Hello friends.. sorry for being away for so long, you know school have been taking most of my time, with exams, assignments, project, etc..

but i have been into the fall mood lately (not really, only makeup and fashion wise!) other than the makeup and fall clothing, i don’t like anything about the cold weather, but i like fall and winter cause it brings back the best of memories, and everything is good around this time of the year, you know the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, New Year’s resolutions and all that…. so, it’s an exciting time!! so, in this post i’m going to show some of my ultimate fall outfits (i know we’re in December, and it’s supposed to be winter, but it feels like fall where i live!) and also, i’m going to show you my current most worn outfit, which i wore for 2 weekends in a row (yes, i get obsessed with a certain outfit) so, let’s get started!!


Before we get started on anything, this would be my ultimate fall, special occasion outfit, i love conservative dresses more than anything, although sometimes i like to reveal a little bit of skin, but not much at all. personally, i feel comfortable wearing conservative dress, and covering myself up, that’s just me!!

Outfit No.1:-

DSC_2073 (1024x681)

DSC_2076 (1024x681) DSC_2077 (1024x681)

In this outfit, i pretty much focused on some of the fall color palette, and made it the main element, so i don’t have to go through jewelry and stuff, so the only bling i have is my watch, and i chose rose gold, cause A. it’s rare color in my closet, and B. it will brighten up my outfit.Pairing it with a dark lipstick for the perfect added touch of element. To me, this is the ultimate fall outfit.

Outfit Details:-

Top: American Eagle.

Jeans: Topshop.

Boots: New Look.

Scarf: Bershka.

Watch: Michael Kors.

Lipstick: Topshop in Inhibition.

Outfit No.2:-

DSC_2080 (1024x681) DSC_1911 (1024x681)DSC_2082 (1024x681) DSC_2081 (1024x681)

This is  like my casual chic type of outfit, it’s casual with the t-shirt, but chic with the black pencil skirt, added a long black cardigan for warmth, with black booties, Silver jewelry, and last but not least,pairing it with spicy, burgundy lipstick.

Outfit Details:-

Top: Forever21.

Skirt: Forever21.

Cardigan: Dorothy Perkins.

Shoes: New Look.

Necklace& Big Studs Bracelet: Forever21.

Watch& Black Wrap Bracelet: New Look.

Lipstick: Wet & Wild in Cinnamon Spice.

And Now, we move on to my current most worn outfit…

DSC_2074 (1024x681) DSC_2075 (1024x681) DSC_2078 (1024x681) DSC_2079 (1024x681)

Since i am a huge fan of the color Olive Green, this is my current favorite shirt!! i love this outfit because i can make it casual, but i also can make it chic by changing the shoes, adding my absolute favorite gold jewelry, and voila, you got yourself a new outfit obsession!!

Outfit Details:-

Top: Mango.

Jeans: Topshop.

(Gold& Black) Flats: River Island.

(Red Suede) Pumps: New Look.

Necklace: a Gift from a friend.

Bracelets (from right to left): Aldo, Homemade Bracelet, Aldo (came in set), Juicy Couture.

Rings: Accessorize.

And that was it for today’s post, Thank you so much for bearing with me, and again, i’m sorry for being away for a long time, and i should stop promising you that everything will be alright, because i’ll try my best for keeping everything under the knife! again Thank you so much for reading this post, i really hope you liked it, comment your opinion please, if you have style tip, please, don’t be hesitant about enlighten me! I’ll talk to you again very soon..

Love, Shahad..


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