Morning Face routine (Skin & Make up)


Hello again!!

Today i feel like i need to write a quick post because some of my upcoming posts are a bit longer than this..

so, since i have school everyday, i have to make myself look a bit presentable, i going to show my skin care routine first and then move onto the more of optional steps, which is make up and other tips..

After washing my face with Neutrogena Deep Clean cleanser..

DSC_1209 (1156x769)Of course, i have to have the rosewater. To me, rosewater is always the answer, for everything…

so, i spray that on my face; for hydration, and for soothing my skin, making it fresh and (almost!) ready to face the day with me.

DSC_1992 (1024x681)While the rosewater is drying i apply my eye roller (as much as i love the L’Oreal one, i’m trying to use up this one) which is Garnier roller and apply lipbalm..

DSC_1994 (1024x681)Finally, Moisturizer. i love this L’Oreal one, because it hydrating but not greasy at all!! and it smells good!

Moving onto the optional part of the story..

DSC_1993 (1024x681)I don’t wear make up to school, but if i did; i would only apply mascara.. but a good alternative for something that would open up your eyes is curling them, and add Vaseline to get a glossy finish, Plus- it will make your lashes grow thicker, longer, and stronger.. and you won’t get caught if you are not allowed to wear make up for school (if you still going to school)..

also, it can a great base before applying mascara..

That was it for today’s post, thank you so much for reading, i really hope you like, and i’ll talk to you very soon..

Love, Shahad..


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