How to Brighten your face..


Hello everyone, i hope you’re having a good day so far!! i am really sorry that i haven’t got around to post anything, i’ve been busy with school, exams, assignments, missions, researches, etc.. it’s pretty hectic. plus, i’ve been feeling a little bit uninspired, and i felt like i got absolutely no idea of what i’m going to post, and so on,…

So, one day, i woke up freaked out (of the way my family woke me up!) and it was obvious on my face, pretty much let’s say my face have never been dull as much, and i had to put on a little make up, so i went ahead and put a little bit of make up and it literally my face instantly lit up! so, i thought about sharing my thoughts on, if you ever woke up feeling dull, or you need a little pick-me-up for everyday make up, i hope these tips be helpfull..

DSC_1996 (1024x681)BB cream & concealer underneath the eye, this will make a world of a difference, cause normally, under the eyes is the area that is affected of exhaustion, so adding a little brightness under there, is effective..

DSC_1998 (1024x681)

bright colored cream blush, or a bright colored lipstick, is awesome because it adds the most natural glow ever!! lipsticks are a great alternative for cream blushes, i use NYX Narcissus (It’s horrible on the lips, but good on the cheeks!) i actually noticed that this lipstick in particular have a tiny piece of shimmer in it, which makes it excellent for being a cream blush..

Cream blush is NYX Glow…

DSC_1997 (1024x681)

bright chapsticks are briliant everyday options, when you want to wear something bright, but not too bold.. and to get the best contrast, here’s a tip: (if you have a warm undertone, go for a blue based bright lipcolor, and vice versa)

for me, (since i have an olive skin) i get the best contrast with Maybelline’s Baby Lips in Fruit Punch, it will make the lips and my skin color pop..

and that was it for today’s post, i really hope you guys liked it, and again, i’m really sorry for being away for so long, i will try my best to keep posting regularly, but thank you so much for understanding, and thank you so much for reading, have a wonderful day, and i’ll talk to you soon..

Love, Shahad ..


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