Breakfast at Midnight..

DSC_1936 (1024x681)Hey everyone, sorry for the not so appealing picture. i just didn’t feel like inserting a picture that was not mine, so i thought about inserting a picture i shot myself (feelin’ original, ya know!) but anyways, i love breakfast as everything (lunch or dinner), and sometimes i get hungry in the middle of the night, so this is my absolute favorite meal i could ever eat (i could eat it everyday, honestly). I don’t really know why i wanted to post something related to food!! but i did it anyway 🙂

BTW it’s just scrambled eggs, so no big deal! but thank you for keeping up with me..!

DSC_1935 (1024x681)

This is my absolute favorite sauce to mix with my scrambled eggs, it’s a pasta sauce (don’t judge me, please!) but try it, if you love pasta or anything related to italian food, you will love this, and it’s also have some tomatoes in it, which is good 🙂

DSC_1931 (1024x681)I swear by olive oil in everything, even in cooking, it give an awesome taste to it, and it’s more organic that butter sprays.

DSC_1932 (1024x681) DSC_1933 (1024x681) DSC_1934 (1024x681)a good way to make your bread harmonize, and tastes like the eggs, is to kind of toast it in the same pan, and it will harmonize with the food (there’s no point of repeating the same sentence again! i don’t know why i did that!!)

That was it for today’s quick post, thank you so much for reading, and thank you so much for everything, and i really hope you liked my post, have a wonderful day or night, and i’ll talk to you later..

Love, Shahad..


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