How to Make your own Night Cream..


i love making my own stuff, so today, i’d like to share one of my favorite all-natural beauty recipe.. it’s quite easy.

DSC_1915 (1024x681) DSC_1931 (1024x681)all you need, is a little olive oil, and a little coconut oil.. i get my olive oil from the supermarket, and my coconut oil from an herbalist, and both of them are really great for moisturizing, and if you are sensitive from coconut you can change it to Argan oil.

and add some yogurt, the yogurt will give it the creamy texture, but it will separate, and you should keep it in the fridge, so it won’t rotten really quickly..

That was it for today’s post, and it’s a school night, so i’m really nervous,but thank you so much for reading, hope you liked this quick post, and i’ll talk to you later.

Love, Shahad..


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