Breakfast at La Touche Cafe..

DSC_1942 (1024x681)It’s been a long time since i’ve posted something on my blog, you know Eid, family gatherings and stuff!!

So, few days ago me and my sisters decided to invite my aunt on a breakfast outside the house and chill a little bit.. and it was definitely a good idea. went to La Touche Cafe, it was awesome, but unfortunately the tables were limited, so we had to wait a little bit. otherwise, everything was good, the decorations, the food, and the whole mood, was good, and also, the service was shit! i had to wait for my breakfast almost 30 minutes! but i had a good time anyways:)

DSC_1941 (1024x681)Can we just took a moment to appreciate how pretty is this!! when first saw it, i was like “Thank god i have my camera with me!” cause normally i don’t take my camera, unless is somewhere i know it’s going to have some beautiful views. it just so breathtaking!!

DSC_1943 (1024x681)I had to take a photo of this, because i freaked out when i saw it for the first time. it’s cotton candy by the way…

This is my Aunt's breakfast, The Eastern Breakfast. We ate it with her BTW :)..

This is my Aunt’s breakfast, The Eastern Breakfast. We ate it with her BTW :)..

This is one of my sister's (Second to eldest) breakfast..

This is one of my sister’s (Second to eldest) breakfast..

DSC_1947 (1024x681)

And.. My Breakfast

Fortunately, my breakfast got the best lighting, because my seat was next to a window, and the sun was shining like nothing else, i felt like this is the best place for taking pictures:) *Heart-shaped eyes*

(And Yes, i drank something sweet, with a sweeter breakfast, i eat what i want with whatever i want, smh) but i didn’t finish my breakfast đŸ˜¦ i felt bad for that.. i’m sorry food *crying*

Anyways, that concludes my quick post for today, i’m going back to school in 1 and ½ day, and i don’t know why but i feel nervous.. school just stresses my out for some fucking reason (pardon my language please..!)

Thank you so much for reading, hope you liked it. and i’ll talk to you very soon.

Love, Shahad ..


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