Jeddah Haul.. Thalia Centre, Red Sea Mall..

DSC_1870 (1024x681) (1024x681)Hello again! since i’m in my holidays; now i can write a post everyday! i feel so happy! aren’t holidays perfect! they are fun, relaxing, and they (sometimes!) helps you to find yourself! that’s how i find it!!

okay, now let’s go back in time, when i went to Jeddah’s Red Sea Mall! one of the greatest malls i’ve ever seen!! so, we didn’t spend too much time, because we had to go visit a relatives later on! but that doesn’t mean that i didn’t get a fair amount of things! and also, some of the pieces i got are from Thalia Centre at the Thalia Street.

large DSC_1868 (1024x681) (1024x681)DSC_1867 (1024x681) (681x1024)

from the Thalia Centre, i got from Topshop a two piece set with a crazy pattern all over it! i honestly think that this is the best buy of a lifetime!! and i got a headpieces from a kiosk to go with it! and i think that it goes absolutely perfect with it!! and i got a light wash jeans in the style “Leigh”, the most comfortable pair of jeans ever! i have a medium wash and now; i have a light wash too!

DSC_1873 (1024x681) (1024x681) DSC_1874 (1024x681) (1024x681)

Moving onto Red Sea Mall! i went to Nike, to get my back to school pair, and they are absolute babies, i love them so much! and i think that they’re my little incredibles! i don’t know! anyways they are Nike Free 5.0 and they were featured in my back to school post right here:

DSC_1877 (1024x681) (1024x681)And from Adidas i got myself a backpack for school! so, this is kind of a back to school haul also, but it’s almost a month now since school have started!! but that’s okay! and yeah, i wanted a backpack that’s gonna go through everything, school, being a carry-on, and whatever!

DSC_1878 (1024x681) (1024x681)From Virgin, i got a book; which is great for the boring & deadly bus hour going back home from school! and it is (obviously!) Paper Towns by John Green! and i also got a Style Watch magazine but i didn’t take photo of it! but that’s okay i guess (hopefully!).

DSC_1879 (1024x681) (1024x681)

Sometimes kiosks just hunt my attention!! as you can see; i got myself another thing from the kiosk, i got a fake nails, when i was a kid i was fake nails fanatic!! i used to wear them all the time! but now, shit got real.. i thought about having fake nails because, growing nails is just very high maintenance, and it never work out for me. So, fake nails is the easy option.

So, that was it for my haul thank you so much for reading, really hope you liked it, and this is actually my second-to-last travel post for now, and again thank you so much reading, and i’ll talk to you very soon.

Love, Shahad ..


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