The Back To School Post.. (with tips!)



So, you might got back to school already, but i’m going back to school next week, and i did finished the back to school items, which are nothing basically! but i still have some stuff left that i haven’t bought, but i can finish that in day! so, no worries! am i the only one who don’t worry going back to school, despite the fact that it SUCKS! but it’s okay i guess, i can handle it, i can survive..

anyways, today i’m going to talk about the simple guide of going back to school, and i’m sorry if i missed anything, i will do another post of the back to school guide. anyways, let’s start with what to wear (on a regular school days and not the first day of school)..


DSC_1915 (1024x681)

i think that converse are the most comfortable to wear! Oxfords are cute too H&M have some really cool and affordable Oxfords, and you can wear flats, New Look have the cutest flats.. and also Topshop, Bershka, and so many affordable brands. and i’m going with Converse today, i’m going to give 2 ranges of prices, an affordable one and a mid-range prices.

For the affordable choice is New Look (it’s from the teen section) and i looked up at the site and it cost: £5.00 and it used to cost £9.00

and for the mid-range i chose Nike Free 5.0 and it costs about 456 SAR, and it can be a little expensive, but keep in mind that these will last you for almost 2 years and a half! yes, and you can wear it everyday! and it will last you that long!


okay moving on to bags/backpacks:

DSC_1914 (1024x681)

i’m sorry i don’t really have an affordable choice for the backpacks, but i do know that New Look have a cute ones.

for the first fun backpack i have, the one on the right is from Borders, and it’s by the brand Paperchase and i got it last year, but the site have some amazing backpacks that you can get! and it lasted a long time! i used it around 1½ school year and it’s still going strong! so, they definitely worth the price..

and for the bag on the left it obviously (as it shown!) it’s an Adidas backpack, i loved the price of it! It costs 160 SAR which approximately costs around 42.6 USD, it’s quite similar in the price of the Paperchase one but (again!) they last you a long time!!

Let’s talk about Sweaters/Pullovers & Jackets: 

DSC_1913 (1024x681)

For Sweaters/Pullovers i love, love, love H&M sweaters and pullovers, i think the material is quite good quality for a great price!

and for a mid-range sweaters i love American Eagle ones! i think that they are quite comfortable and also good material, with cute range of sweaters.

DSC_1919 (1024x681)


and for the jackets, i think that New Look have some amazing ones with hoods! but i have a problem that the material can get old-looking with washing and stuff. but you can get away with that!

and for the mid-range, i absolutely love the Victoria’s Secret PINK ones! A. there is an amazing range of cute ones you can choose, B. the material is absolutely comfy, C. the fabric won’t look worn even if you washed it. so they worth the price! *thumbs up*

Moving on to Hair and going to give heatless hairstyle ideas for the days when you don’t want to get dressed, and if you happen to heat style your hair and get a little dressed, i’m gonna give you hairstyle ideas that are suitable with heat..

Heatless Hairstyle Ideas: 

brd sidebrd


I am a huge braids girl, like side braid Katniss-inspired braid, i’m totally known for that basically. so i think that braids are the perfect hairstyle that doesn’t require heat! and it always add so much details to your look, braids are my go-to, which is everyday.



if one day you want to feel a bit sophisticated without being pretentious, a messy updo is always the answer!

moving on to Hairstyle Ideas that require heat!:

large (1) large (2) large


Half Up Half Down: you can never go wrong with the Half Up Half down look, it’s always flirty and sweet looking, and it keep you hair out of your face. you take some front pieces from the front and pin ’em back, or you can go with the typical Ariana Grande look, wear you can take half of your hair and wrap it up, and keep the rest of your hair down:)

large (4) large (5)


The Sleek Ponytail: i mean it’s sleek, it’s school appropriate, it’s sophisticated, it’s chic, and it will keep you hair out of your pretty face, and your neck so you won’t feel hot the whole time. and you’re going to feel bold like Iggy Azalea (BONUS!)

also, it’s quick and easy to do! (DOUBLE BONUS!!)

large (3) large (6)


The Messy Ponytail: MY FAVE!! i love this look so much! it’s so flattering on everyone, and i just love it so much! like i’m so excited, i don’t know what to say, other than it’s amazing and I LOVE IT!!

Moving on to Beauty & Hygiene:

Hygiene is part of beauty (a big part actually!) and it’s what makes you look and feel presentable when you are socializing in school because sometime, school can be your only real social life, so you better make the best out of it! by the natural beauty of human beings!

DSC_1922 (1024x681)

one of the absolute main parts of hygiene (other than shower every other day and wash your body everyday!) is maintaining the body odor, and by that (again!) shower regularly, clean your body everyday, and use deodorant, and i like making a combo just to make sure that i smell okay for a long lasting time, cause sometimes (especially in school) one is not enough, because you raise your hands, high fives, and more gestures that can require raising you hands.

Now, the combo i use is Nivea Stress Protect, and Rexona Women Shower Clean with Long Lasting Protection.

the Nivea one isn’t actually protecting the stress but it does leave you underarm area smell good for a long time, i should definitely tell because it’s natural! i am the type of girl who tend to be sweat-prone, and i’ve sweat a lot in my life, and i can tell that it really helps with making your sweats smell good (i’m sorry if that was gross!) but seriously, it’s a great product at (what i just told you!) but it’s a shitty product for holding and protecting you from sweating when you’re stressed out because i know that last year i was so stressed for all exams, and assignment, other than personal problems that i have in school!

Okay, Rexona one is great as a complementary product to the first one! and it can act as finishing touch! (What the hell did i just said!?!) but you got my idea.. Hopefully! but it’s not a good product that can be used alone!


now let’s go to the more intimate and feminine side of the post, on how to keep your lady parts (aka vagina, sorry i had to do this) clean!:  Caution; Too Much Information Ahead (but important! you should read it!)

DSC_1924 (1024x681) DSC_1925 (1024x681)

obviously you need to change your underpants everyday, and also you wear the everyday tampons.. and what an everyday tampons are little tampons you wear on an everyday basis when you’re not on your period, and it will help to keep your vagina clean, and well.. fresh (i guess!), and of course we have other stuff (secretions, to be clear!) coming out of our vagina when we’re not on our period,the everyday tampon will prevent secretions from making odor down there. but you should have a clear idea that you need to change them everyday along with you panties.

I love, love, love these everyday tampons from Always, they have fresh sent to it (and it’s not a perfume, you won’t get irritated in that area, cause we all know that area is quite sensitive) and they come in cute packaging also, so when i first discovered them i used to smell them every single day before i put them on (TMI! sorry!!) but that’s a sign that it’s so good!



as soon as i finish my period (aka the other secretions come out!) i go and take a shower, and a part of that is cleaning my lady parts, it’s really important to clean your vagina and take a shower as soon as you finish your period, that way it will get the excess rotten blood that’s on your vagina, and it will give you a healthy intimate life, and will prevent from getting vaginal disease, and i suggest using Carefree Sensitive because (again!) that area is quite sensitive.

and we are done with the hygiene section hopefully that was helpful! and if you want me to do a separate post about it, and talk about it in depth, please comment if you want to! okay? okay. (i’ve watched The Fault In Our Stars yesterday so.. feel me)

anyway, move on to make up and a tiny skincare tip..

let’s start with the skincare tip:

DSC_1929 (1024x681)


You should wear sunscreen, and i suggest SPF 50 and up because you’ll spend a lot of time in school, and when you wear a higher SPF it will minimize the hours of reapplying, and i know fall and cold weather is coming up, but that doesn’t mean that the sun won’t be there!

moving on to the makeup:

DSC_1150 (640x426)DSC_1926 (1024x681) DSC_1927 (1024x681)

the type of make up i would wear to school is doing my brows and curling my lashes and that’s it, sometimes i would wear mascara, but most of the time i won’t wear make up (other than the brows) but i would curl my lashes and apply Vaseline to them and that will help give your lashes a glossy and darker and thicker effect, and it will help to grow and strengthen your lashes.

On The Go Make up tip:

DSC_1928 (1024x681)


take a sample size mascara with you if you haven’t apply mascara, and in case you shed a tear and the curl fell, (i speak from a personal experience!).

DSC_1930 (1024x681)the last tip is stay hydrated and drink lot’s of water! because school can be exhausting! (i should take that advice myself because i suck at drinking water! i don’t drink it right!)..

anyways, thank you so much for reading! hope you found something helpfull out of it! and if you want me to do a first day of school make up post with tips let me know by commenting! and if you want me to create a post talking about lady parts hygiene and why it’s important also by commenting!

again, thank you so much for reading, hope you liked it, and i’ll talk to you later!

Love, Shahad ..



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