Lip Serum?!..



We all heard of hair serum, face serum, but lip serum?!! okay, define serum; i’d say concentrated, relaxing, and effective fluid, with very healthy and sometimes natural effective ingredients. 

Today, i’m going to give you a mostly natural ingredients, super easy way to create your own lip serum. and it does work really well, i was applying hair treatment on my hair once, and i had an oil leftover and i thought about mixing the oils with a not-so-well-loved lip balm and create a smooth paste that will make my lips feel extra smooth.

DSC_1334 (1024x681)

All you need is: 

-Lip Balm (or petroleum jelly) 

-Olive Oil

-Argan Oil

these ingredients are meant to help your skin feel a lot smoother, especially the sensitive lip skin surface. 

all you have to do is just mix ’em all together and make sure you smash your lip balm really well to get a smooth paste.

DSC_1323i saved the paste in an old MAC pot (after i cleaned it) it’s actually a Tendertone pot from MAC (again!) and i finished it up years ago and i couldn’t get the chance to give it back to MAC.


That was it for my quick post today, hope you guys enjoyed it, and i really hope you get something useful out of it. Thank you so much for reading this post. 

Love, Shahad ..



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