Eid 2014 Haul ..


 If you don’t celebrate it, please read for the content. and i respect your holidays no matter what, so please respect mine. i’m just here to talk about fashion and makeup and i’m telling you the reason for it. Thank you.. 

Okay, i’m here to introduce you to biggest haul and the final haul you’ll see this month (i promise!) i don’t shop this much all year around only this month again for a specific holiday.Keep in mind that i didn’t buy all of this stuff in one shopping trip! okay, let’s get started..

DSC_1167 (681x1024)

the first store i got my clothes from is Stradivarius, it’s a Spanish-based brand but i love their clothing, but i only got the Bomber Jacket, but not the true Bomber jacket it’s a lot thinner and lighter material and it has the gold zipper and a cotton lining i guess! but you see right here that it looks very tropical despite the black background. and i know that bomber jackets are really in right now, so that’s a bonus!

DSC_1170 (681x1024)

The second store i went to is Mango, i love Mango i always find the right stuff in there, which is great! and i got this beautiful Overlay dress and it’s pretty and flattering!

DSC_1172 (1024x681)

And then i went to Promod, which is a French-based brand; and i never actually buy stuff from there, but i really liked this shirt, which is kind of like a satin material in the front, and another material (i think it’s polyester?!) in the back! and i love the print on it, it’s very bohemian and light. And Grey is my favorite color to wear! (Although it shows sweat very easily! sorry, TMI!) but i love this top so much!

DSC_1199 (681x1024) DSC_1201 (1024x681) DSC_1202 (681x1024)

And New Look! Ahhh my favorite brand ever!! so first thing is a boring white light shirt! (For some reason the white shirt remind me of Shailene Woodley as Hazel in the TFIOS! idk!) anyway, and i got this beautiful t-shirt that says “Coca-Cola” on it! i LOVE it! very vintage looking to me! i don’t know why! and finally in the bottom is a kimono! i love kimonos, i think they are the most comfortable thing in the summer! so i got that from New Look ❤

DSC_1295 (1024x681)DSC_1297 (1024x681)

And finally for clothing i went to BHS which is a British brand and the first thing i got is the dress on the left. I LOVE IT!!! it fits perfectly, it’s classy, and it’s an appropriate length (which is so important to me, cause i don’t feel comfortable wearing revealing clothes, that’s just me!) and it’s white with navy lace layer on top of it! and it’s beautiful! and the dress on the right it’s so beautiful and conservative (cause i’m young for anything revealing! that’s why!) and i love the pattern of this which is really cool and adds a beautiful detail on it! and the cut of it makes everything looks FINE!!

that was it for clothing! now because i love make up and (TRUST ME!! i don’t buy make up all year round i only buy it for last month and this month! DSC_1179 (1024x681)

High end make up! some of the stuff i didn’t open them cause i’ll start using them in October. 

 DSC_1180 (1024x681)

I was in need for a new mascara, and i’ve been dying to try the YSL Shocking and i finally got it!

DSC_1181 (1024x681) DSC_1182 (1024x681) DSC_1183 (1024x681)

First, Let’s take a moment to appreciate the packaging of Too Faced La Creme lipsticks! i love the packaging! now, everyone likes Too Faced lipsticks and i wanted to try them but with a color that i don’t have and i got it in Spice Spice Baby, it’s a My Lips But Enhanced type of look! especially on my skin tone!

DSC_1185 (1024x681) DSC_1187 (1024x681)

I wanted to try the stain glosses for a while and i finally had the chance! i was looking for the number 109 which is like a fuchsia reddish color with gold shimmer in it ( go search for it! it’s beautiful!) but they didn’t have it! i was disappointed but she gave me another option and i liked this color! and when i got it i was like (bright colors are the ones that you want them to last on your lips right?!) and i got it anyway! and now i’m in love with this color it’s number 104 Fuchsia Tomboy.

DSC_1188 (1024x681) DSC_1194 (1024x681) DSC_1195 (1024x681)

As much as i love my Body Shop brow kit! i think that Brow Zings by Benefit is better! the powder is so finely milled, and the wax isn’t too waxy which is great, and it lasts for a long time, i had it before but i was using it in the wrong way, so i gave up, gave it to my sister, and then later i got the Body Shop one, fell in love, tried the Brow Zings again, fell in love with Brow Zings! (i feel like i wrote Brow Zings a lot!) anyways, i got it in the darkest shade (which is obviously Dark!) because of my natural black hair.

DSC_1263 (1024x681) DSC_1265 (1024x681)

Now, everyone was liking the Rimmel Scandal Eyes liners, and i thought i give them a try, i got it in the bronze shade! Fell in love! they’re creamy, stay put, the color is amazing, the shimmer in this is so beautiful! like it’s gonna take you to whole another planet! seriously though!

DSC_1268 (1024x681) DSC_1269 (1024x681) DSC_1270 (1024x681)

And another nude colored lip product! this so creamy and pigmented! this is one of the new lipgloss range they have, idk! but they’re really cool! i got it in the color 600 Nude Vibrato.

Enough with the beauty products, now onto the accessorize…

DSC_1162 (1024x681)

I was looking for a headpiece since the beginning of the year probably! and i finally found this beautiful sparkly headpiece from Accessorize (it’s a UK brand if you didn’t know!) and i really like it so much, and i cannot wait to wear it!

DSC_1160 (1024x681) DSC_1165 (1024x681)

I normally buy bracelets that are either chunky of anything other than the one in the picture, but i thought about trying something easy to wear and quite simple.

And these rings!! ugh! these are the most fierce and edgy rings i have ever seen! i love them! i’m sure i’m going to get lots of compliments on them! bracelets and rings also from Accessorize.

DSC_1157 (1024x681)

this hand chain is so cool! like it’s totally unbelievable that i have these! they’re from Claire’s and they are from the Katy Perry collection and i like them!

DSC_1251 (1024x681)

I love sparkly studs! they’re very easy to wear, and good for any occasion. these are from Aldo and i will wear them non-stop!

Shoes and Bags are my favorite things in the world! so i got some pieces that i can’t get my eyes off of them..

 DSC_1204 (1024x681) DSC_1205 (1024x681)

every time i buy heels, i would buy pumps, but this time i wanted something different! a chunky heeled platform! it’s a black suede and it has silver buckle on the side, which adds a cool touch! and they are from (my favorite store EVER!) New Look.

DSC_1293 (1024x681) DSC_1289 (1024x681) DSC_1290 (1024x681)

Saving the best for last! i finally got my first designer bag EVER! i am so happy with this baby! and i love them to bits! and they are the DKNY Saffiano Leather Small Satchel! i love it! and i couldn’t be any happier! because it really made realize that everything could happen! my 10 year old self wouldn’t believe this! i remember when i was 10 i used to be on Stardoll and i saw DKNY and when i knew it was a real brand i thought it was so cool and i will never have something like it! so, this bag is so sentimental for me! for some reason! i think everytime i look at it, i will believe more and more that “Everything is Possible! No Matter What!”

so, that was the end of my haul! hope you enjoyed it!

Love you to infinity & Beyond ..

Love, Shahad ..


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