A Quick, Easy Way To Remove Eye Makeup .. !

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Hello Everyone!

This is probably the first post that starts with a “hello!”. I’ve been so busy this week and i haven’t got the chance to write a post! i’m really sorry! anyway, as a makeup fanatic, sometimes i like to set in front of the mirror; apply a full face of makeup and when i’m done, i take it all off  (To some people it’s a long process!) even to me taking makeup off is a long, boring process. but today when i was experimenting with makeup i thought “Why not experimenting with removing makeup?”. and when i started removing makeup it’s got a lot easier.. and i’m going to tell you about it right now!

DSC_1207 (1156x769)

First, i want to talk about the products i’m going to use and a little review about them. this product is the second bottle of it (not that it’s my favorite, but it’s not bad!) i have a love/hate relationship with this product because, it’s great! but i just got bored of it, i don’t know what i was thinking when i bought the second bottle! but i do like this product. from my experience, this product wipes eye shadow from the first swipe, eyeliner with the 4-5th swipe, and the mascara you to work it in. this the Garnier Essentials Makeup Removing Milk with Rose Extract.

DSC_1209 (1156x769)DSC_1213 (1156x769)

the second product is Rosewater. Rosewater is like my beauty elixir, it’s very calming, hydrating, and refreshing, it’s the perfect summertime face mist! and it’s natural, so it doesn’t have any chemicals or anything! and lot’s of makeup artists use this (not particularly the one in the photo) but they use rosewater, and also Candice Swanepoel swears by it. now, let’s talk about some serious benefits of rosewater, one of the main benefits of rosewater that it’s soothing an irritated skin, a rich source of antioxidants, which strengthen the skin cells and regenerate the skin tissue, and also is known for being great for sensitive skin! (BONUS!)

I also like to keep my rosewater in a spray bottle to make it a multipurpose product 🙂



Now, you’re going to take a pea size amount of the makeup removing milk and (Carefully!) rub it on both of your eyes in a circular motion. REMEMBER too keep your eye closed, because this product kind of irritated my eyes a little bit because my eyes were a little open. when you’re going to look like a raccoon , you know you’ve done it the right way *Thumbs up!*. then take your cotton pad and spray (or soak) some rosewater and take off some of the makeup remover. that way it will ensure that your eye makeup is gone and also the rosewater will sooth, calm, and hydrate your eye area; which is known for being sensitive.

and i’ll even add a demonstration for you:

DSC_1214 (1156x769)

BTW, the hand with nail polish on that’s my sister,

not the one who took a picture of my hand in my “what i’ve been loving in June”.

anyway, that concludes my post for this week.

i’ll see you next week with a different type of posts, and i hope you’ll love them.

and also tell me what you think of the picture on top of the post, i made it myself, and please be nice! that’s my first try!

Thank you for reading and i’ll see you soon.

Love, Shahad ..


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