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Last week i went on a monthly grocery shopping with my mom and of course got some product that has something with beauty. so i got; skincare, hair products, body stuff, and magazines . so, let’s start with hair products shall we?!

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The first thing i got is, the Syoss Shine shampoo, conditioner, and the deep conditioner/ hair masque. now, i wanted to try this cause i have the Shine hair spray; and i think it good. okay, i tried it, didn’t see any difference in my hair, but the smell is not the best scent you can smell in your hair products. my final thought on this, don’t waste your money on it; i mean, it’s not bad, but i believe there’s a much better products out there other than this one; but that’s just my thought on it.

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The next hair product i got is this L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil oil replacement. now, i love the L’Oreal Exraordinary Oil (the original hair oil), and this product is really good, i try it for the first time and i quite like it. the scent is great, it’s a lightweight formula as it said on the tube, the packaging is very cool and beautiful and golden and etc.. anyway it’s a good product, it’s quite big tube; so it’ll last you a long time.

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Now, this product is amazing!! it’s the Wella Pro Series Frizz Control leave-in conditioner. First, let’s talk about the smell, it’s smell so good, and it makes my hair feel amazing and i highly rate it. it’s lightweight, and this is actually the second bottle, i am a big fan of the Wella Pro Series line!

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This next product is also my second bottle of it, it’s the Garnier Fructis Split Ends Bandage serum and i definitely love this, it smell so good and (again!) it’s lightweight! my hair doesn’t get weigh down by products; but, thought i would give a little bonus there, and btw this product makes my hair feel smooth and shiny. so, this is one the products i highly recommend.

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The last hair product(s) i picked up was the L’Oreal Elnett Satin Hair Spray in the full size and the mini size cause, as years pass by i realize more how important to take some hair spray in your purse when you go to an event, i got it in the super hold, and that’s my favorite hair spray, cause it doesn’t make my hair crunchy, and i really like it. (the last sentence couldn’t be more pointless!)

Skin Care: 

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This cleanser i used for years and i always come back to it every once in a while, it’s the Neutrogena Deep Clean, i used to use the clay formula and i honestly like it so much, but this product is a little simpler and you can see when you going to run out of it cause it’s clear bottle with a pump, while the clay formula is a tube and it’s not clear. so the reason i like this product is that it’s very cleansing and when i clean my eyes it doesn’t irritate them which is great, at least for my eyes.

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I actually love make up wipes but i stopped using them and instead using a eye make up removing milk and i got tired of it (get to the point, Shahad!) ok this Nivea Nourishing Cleansing Wipes are good! but the scent might irritate you, it definitely smells like some kind of baby lotion (which is not my favorite!) but who’s going to smell my face anyway after i wipe my make up off! (well, nobody ever smelled my face cause that would be creepy!). anyway, i use them after a night of full face of makeup cause i normally take off my make up with a facial cleansing water and an eye make up removing milk. but i think they’re really good!

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What’s wrong with me?! I buy a lot of L’Oreal products recently, but i actually love their skin creams. this is their Hydra-Total 5 for the normal skin, i used to use the sensitive skin one (which is the pink one) and i really liked it, so i tried this one and i LOVE it!! it gives the right amount of moisture without the oiliness, and also give a light glow to my face, and it smells really good so, BONUS!!

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This product is HEAVEN!! first, the packaging looks super luxurious and the product itself is on a whole new world!! the first time i used this product i felt like it made a difference, it softened my under eye area, it kind of lightened the area, and i’ve been using the Garnier roller ball, and it’s kind of awakening, but this products is more awakening! Oh God! i forgot to tell the name, i was so excited so i raved about it and forgot to mention the name.. ! it’s the L’Oreal Revitalift Laser X3/ Laser renew for eyes.

Body Products: 

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Now, i have a very dry feet (to be honest!) and i am not going to tell what’s going on under my foot! (NO! I WON’T!) but this product is so effective, that i noticed a huge difference in my feet in a week! YES!! in a week!! can you believe that! i’m finally happy with my feet!! the first that i saw was on  my moms night stand and i read on it that is you’ll get a noticeable results after 2 nights.. i wouldn’t say 2 nights, but i would totally say 4-5 night will do the work! (isn’t it weird writing 3 lines or more about feet and foot cream?!) anyway, it’s the Jergens Foot cream, and it brilliant!!!

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If one brand i could use for body wash? it would definitely be Palmolive! i really like their Thermal Spa range and also the Aroma Therapy range i got this in the Morning Tonic scent and it smell kind of citrus-y which is so fresh and beautiful for the summer!

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And (finally!) the last thing i got is an anti-bacterial sanitizer (i know! you’re not impressed, but i had to tell you!) and it’s the Dettol sanitizer, this is a good anti-bacterial brand and i use this before makeup.

Thank you so much for reading, hope you enjoyed it!

Love, Shahad …


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