No Time To Wash Your Hair? + Running Out Of Dry Shampoo?

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Okay, let’s start this quick post with a scenario.. let’s just say you had a good work out, and fell a sleep the day before; and you woke up the next day, and your hair is so oily that it’s actually noticeable. you went to spray some dry shampoo, and you find out that you ran out of dry shampoo (SHOCKER! i know)! don’t panic, cause i got the solution for you! it’s a quick solution that probably will do the work for you.. just for the amount of time needed. and the secret (well, maybe not-so-secret) is Baby Powder!

Baby powder is great for multiple things (i’ll do a post on that later on..) but, one of the things that baby powder is so good at is dry shampoo! you just release the powder onto your hair (CAREFULLY!!) and rub it in. and Voila! you got yourself a great dry shampoo for the moment! and i heard that (i think) Lush have a dry shampoo that’s not the spray form.

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So, that was it for today’s post.. i hope you liked it, and found it helpful.

If you ever got a chance try this idea, and don’t forget  to look out on this month cause i’ll posting more.

Products used:

-Batiste Dry Shampoo in the Floral & Flirty (Blush) Scent. *Found at Boots*

-Johnson’s Baby Powder. *Found at any drugstore*

Again, hope you guys liked this post and i’ll talk you next time..

Love, Shahad ..


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