Bold & Bright

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So i promised myself this year i’m going to wear a bolder and brighter colors on my lips, and since i’m not a girl who always wear a bright lip (it’s so out of my comfort zone).. so here’s (to celebrate the summer season) this post is about the few bright colors that i would wear (rarely) in the next month or two (cause there will be a few events that i might rock the lips!)..

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The first color that i’m going to talk about is the NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil in Chaos, i’m going to talk about the Jumbo Lip Pencils in general; they are so nice and creamy, amazing color pay off, i think anyone who is passionate about makeup should give it a try, because i really like the formula, the scent; not so good, but that’s okay since the product itself is really good! i got it long time ago, but i never actually wore it full-on until this year, so i really like this fuchsia color, definitely on of my faves!

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Now, the second one is known to be the most powerful coral in the MAC lipstick history.. Vegas Volt!! i got it because i never actually thought that i might wear a color like this; but now, i am a huge fan of every coral shade that have ever made (Oh! rhymed!). this one is actually doesn’t look as in-your-face type of color on olive skin tone (which is my skin tone) but i realized that really late! but we still have time! and actually orange really in this year. this is not orange, but it’s the closest out of all of them.

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Okay, this lipstick i’ve been craving it for so long, and i finally got it; but it turns out not so great on my skin tone. in fact, it’s really hard to pull off!! but it’s great, it’s one of my recent make up buys and i liked the formula, it’s great! but the color itself is really hard to pull off. i’ll figure out a way to make it wearable, so i can get my money worth out of it.

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This lipstick i featured it in my haul, talked about it enough, loved it! amazing formula, beautiful color, it’s one of my new favorites! i haven’t  worn it yet, but from the swatches, it seems like it’s a color that can be pull off very easily, highly rate it!

DSC_1124 (640x426) (640x426) (640x426)

And here is some swatches for every shade i talked about, as you can see i don’t have as much of interesting lipsticks (color wise). but i always prefer to play up my eyes instead, but it’s good to play up the lips every once in a while.

Thank you guys so much for reading, hope you enjoy it.

look out this month for more posts..

Love, Shahad ..


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