What’s in my travel makeup bag?!


so, (again!) i was at my sister’s house and had to pack some makeup. Just in case her neighbors came over, i shall be prepared! so i packed a very minimal products to some of you, and i may packed to much to some people. To me, i packed what i needed with me! which i’m going to talk about it right now.. 🙂

 BB Cream: that’s what i use almost everyday.. i only wear foundation on a very rare occasions (such as weddings, engagement parties, and stuff like more of formal events) but bb cream is what i use mostly so i use the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB in the color Medium. 

Powder & Big Powder Brush: although i don’t have oily skin, but powder is very important to me. Mainly because the bb cream is very liquid-y and hydrating, it makes my skin look oily and my make up looks a little undone. so i use powder to set my liquid (or cream) face make up, but also give a natural finish to my skin, which is important for me! i use the Maybelline Fit Me Powder.  

Blush & Blush Brush: as much as i love peachy pink blushes, i wanted something that looks natural and adds the smallest amount of color. So, i went with a light pink color which is MAC Dame, it’s a satin finish, and it’s actually one of my first blushes ever! and the blush brush that i use is from The Body Shop and it’s (obviously!) their blush brush. 

Highlighter: this is a must for me! i always wear highlighter no matter what. cause it gives me the glow that i always wanted, and the Mary- Lou Manizer is so amazing, gives the supermodel glow. i love highlighter.

Brows: i do my brows every single day! my morning routine have to include doing my brows, or i won’t start the day in the right way (oh! rhymed!). anyway, sorry about the brow brush i don’t use the dirty side anymore, i only used it once! so the brow brush i got at a supply store long time ago, and the angled brush is from claire’s years ago, but it’s still going strong i promise! and the brow powder that i used is The Body Shop Brow powder in number 03 which is black and dark brown, i love this brow powder, definitely worth the try.. but i think i would buy another brow powder once i run out of it. As for brow gel, i use the benefit Gimme Brow, which has fibers in it that attach to your brow hairs, making them appear thicker, and also keep them in place.

light eyeliner: i use a light eyeliner for my inner corner, my waterline, on my cupid’s bow, it’s kind of like a highlighter for the areas that need precision when it comes to highlighting. so i use the NYX eye pencil in white pearl.

Mascara: now, this is a must! we can’t lie about it, you have to have a mascara with you! i use my not-so-power duo which they are the Maybelline the Falsies and the Revlon Grow Lucious.

Lip product: finally, i packed 2 lip product (which i suggest you do too) one is nude colored and the other have a hint of color in, and for the nude lip color i took the Victoria’s Secret Sheer Lip Tint, in the color Boudoir Pink, which is a pink-y nude color (it’s actually what they’ve used on the models in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2013 along with another color from the same range which was Manic Pink). and the other lip color which is a coral-y lip gloss, and it’s the NYX butter gloss in the color Apple Strudel.


So, that was what i’ve had in my travel make up bag, hope you liked my post.

Thank you so much for reading, look out for more post this month.

Love, Shahad.. 



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