What i’ve been loving.. in June

Welcome.. to part 2 of posts about what happened in June but this time i’m going to write about what i’ve been loving and what really inspires fashion wise and also makeup wise ..

now, i’m a huge fan of color.. but, what mostly caught my attention is neutrals (mostly black) i love black so much that i get in trouble for it, my mom always say “NO” to black, but i actually think it’s chic, sophisticated color that looks beautiful on every single human being.

and lately, i’ve been loving all black outfit, all white outfit, or black and white outfit..or any black and white piece.






I always love how Candice Swanepoel pull off a black outfit.

Okay, now let’s talk about someone who i’ve been adoring they’re style lately on the red carpet.. Shailene Woodley !!

her style is simply amazing, she can pull off any thing! the fact that she wore a dress with oxfords or sneakers or whatever makes it so cool, that i’m actually planning on wearing a dress with sneakers (cute looking sneakers!)!!

after seeing her rocking a yellow dress.. i’m craving a yellow dress right now, but my idea slightly start to change, but if had a chance to spot a yellow dress? yeah, it’s going to my closet! but, the whole idea of Shailene Woodley’s style definitely crossing my mind!



One of my favorite “beauty gurus” is Shannon Harris (aka Shaaanxo) she is phenomenal!! her face.. stunning, her style..breathtaking, her hair.. EVERYTHING!!! she is simply amazing and beautiful and talented and her style is really inspiring!!

and every makeup look she did.. she can pull it off, which is amazing!! she can rock rainbow eyes, bright green lips, possibly ANYTHING!!




Let’s talk Nikkietutorials she is the one who inspires me to take makeup risks, and also, she is talented, can pull off any makeup look, she’s also funny!


Shani Grimmond.. she is a new discovery of mine this month.. OBSESSED with her channel already!.. she is a young, talented, beautiful youtuber with a killer sense of style, and her hair is amazing also, she is cute, quirky, positive, simply beautiful!


i’ve seen this picture a lot at weheartit, and people seem like they don’t know who she is,

now you know, you’re welcome! 🙂

i wanted to cut my hair for the longest time.. and i couldn’t.. when i just thought about it, a lot of people cut their hair, and i’m like “WHAT?!!” i have really long hair (it’s past my waist so..) and to be honest, i’m not a big fan of really short hair. but, i thought about it since Jennifer Lawrence and Shailene Woodley have really short hair..and they have kind of round and full faces , and my face is ridiculously round, and i have read an article about hair and face shapes , and it says that short haircuts really suits round faces!!


and that was it for what i have been loving and inspired by in the month of June..

thank you for reading, and look out for July cause i’ll be posting more..

Love, Shahad ..


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