What Happened..In June 2014

I cannot believe that June is at the end of it!! and we are already in the middle of the summer!!anyway, i’ve been so busy in June That i only wrote my first two posts!!

The first thing and the most exciting thing that happened in June (to be honest, the second most exciting thing) is this blog! unfortunately i don’t remember the exact day, but it’s in June..

the Second (AND the most exciting thing!!) is that I got a iPhone 5s!! this is really exciting because i’ve wanted it from the beginning of the year! i got it the gold color because i think it’s elegant and chic and pretty!!


One day, me, my mom, my sisters, my cousin, and two of aunts went to have a breakfast at a Café / restaurant called Nola’s Market, the best breakfast i’ve ever had in life! it wasn’t so early it was around 10 am probably.


and since so many people in the family have graduated we planned a little/ not-so-little party for the graduates (i was one of them) but it was mainly for my uncle he graduated from college.. two of my eldest sister actually made all the decorations for the party and decorated it themselves, it’s beautifully simple!

as for the food we ordered some burgers from a diner near by and we had fries, couple of pastries and a pasta, and a delicious dessert.. the best thing about it that it was fun and simple and genuine and intimate, and with the people i love!

Sorry for the photo quality, it was taken by an iPhone.




Around June 16th it was my sister’s husband’s birthday, and she did a simple and slightly romantic decoration at the guest room, and i took advantage of that to experiment with my photography skills (well, not really “skills” but it was beautiful and thought about taking pics and sharing them) and believe me, it took me ages to try and take a good shot of them, but i liked how they turned out to be!




one thing i know from the beginning of June.. is that i’ve had a new obsession with hands and nail polish, i’ve loved how they look, i started to think about wearing them all the time!! normally, i don’t wear nail polish because 1) i’m always late. 2) i’m super busy.

but i’ve been loving them like crazy! and as much as i love long nails and think they’re attractive, as much as i’m TERRIBLE at growing them!! they look long and beautiful for week, the next week BAM broken!! but hey! short nails look polished and clean!!



Special Thanks to my sister for taking this picture of my hand 🙂

and i’ve never been a hand cream person (until June, obviously!) so, i didn’t like to splurge on hand cream (if you’re a hand cream person, splurge! totally worth it *thumbs up*) i found this hand cream in my mom’s drawer and i thought taking (and i took it!)

definitely amazing, it hydrates, absorbes really fast, and make your hand soft like buttah!! it’s the Jergens Hand & Cuticle cream.

and i quickly wanted to post some of my favorite nail polishes, if you want to know the names, please comment!


My very eldest sister is married and live in another city, so last week we went to visit her and stayed at her place for almost a week, and the second day after we arrived, her neighbor invited us to dinner at her apartment (such a sweet women!) and it was amazingly decorated.. and of course the food was great, a good variety of food, the place was beautiful and fancy looking, it was such a joy!!

and here’s a photo taken with my phone of the place were we had our (so good!!) dinner..


last summer i bought the Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue perfume because i read at an article that Megan Fox likes it.. YES!!

and i loved it so much! it smells sporty, fresh, summer-y!! and i have finally sprayed the last drop of it! good thing that i already bought a perfume back in March when i went to Kuwait! because i didn’t have time to go to the mall anytime sooner!and i got the Betsy Johnson Too Too.. i LOVE it!! it smells girly, and beautiful! the packaging is EVERYTHING!!! and i actually never thought that i will ever get it! it’s like an impossible dream came true!! see? Life is full of surprises!!



that was it for what happened in June! Stay tuned for part 2 of what i’ve been inspired by in June! Thank you so much for reading!

and look out for July cause i’ll posting more..

Love, Shahad..


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