The Secret For A Healthy, Shiny Hair!



Ever since school was over, I was thinking that I should take a really good care of hair, since I’ve been using heat on it almost every week in school days. And I noticed such a huge damage happened in my hair.. and I was really depressed, but hey! I am a girl who feels good when she looks good, my mood depends on my hair!!

My mom always told me to use oil on it before I head into the shower, and believe me, when around school days I didn’t have time to use it on my hair, but since it’s summer and I don’t go out as much, I use on my hair every time I shampoo my hair (which is twice a week since I have dry hair). I mix a couple on oils and apply it on my hair and massage it in, letting it sink in and nourish my hair for approximately one hour. And the best thing about it, that it’s all natural!


ImageImageImageIt contains:

Coconut Oil: shields the hair with protein, seals in moisture, improves the blood circulation, and much more..

Olive Oil:known as a natural hair conditioner, promotes scalp health.

Argan Oil: it works amazing for treating damaged and dry hair, and adds shine.


Thank you for reading, i really appreciate it.

And sorry i didn’t post for a long time..

Love, Shahad…


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