Body Lotions+Beautifying oils


When I first got the beautifying oil.. I was only using it for my hair to make it smooth and shiny and also add a beautiful scent to it, and it did what my heart (& my hair) desired. but, it wasn’t as long lasting as I hoped it will be.. and I stopped using it for a while.

I have a lot of lotions, most of the are perfumed and I have a couple that are not meant to go with specific perfume… those are what I use for everyday when I don’t have a special occasion (I use the perfumed one on special occasion if you didn’t notice). and I had this Idea (well, it’s not my own idea, i’m sure someone did it before me) I mix my “everyday lotion” with the beautifying oil for a yummy scent and for some added glow and hydration.. add some lotion (as much as you desire) and add the same amount of the oil and mix them together for a nice smelling+ extra hydration+ slight glow.. you can also use for your cuticles.





Products mentioned& used:

-Vaseline total moisture lotion

-The Body Shop Beautifying oil ( MORINGA scent)


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